Things are a little different at the moment, so our available selection is a little different too. We have streamlined our menu and each day will offer a reduced (but still very tasty) selection all ready for you to collect and takeaway. See below for our current menu, we will update this when we are able to expand the menu. Call us now on 02381781611 to place your order.

We also now can offer for the sandwiches/wraps etc to be served hot and toasted, and have some new additions on the counter.

In-store we have our usual gifts and homewares, plus a selection of tea and coffee to take away and brew at home, along with the wonderful Jude's ice cream in individual pots and the larger sizes too. Pop in to see all the essentials/treats we have available.


(served all day!)


Granola Bowl £4.00

GF & Vegan granola, served with your choice of The Collective Dairy yoghurt or milk alternative, and chopped fresh fruit.


Bacon Roll £2.50

warmed streaky bacon served in a floury sourdough 

roll with or without ketchup.

Bacon Sandwich £3.00

warmed streaky bacon served on white, granary or sourdough bloomer.


Selection of freshly baked croissants and pastries

available at the counter.



PB Toast £5.00

2 slices of sourdough toast topped with peanut 

butter, sliced banana, crushed peanuts and a drizzle

of honey


Fruity Toast £5.00

2 slices of sourdough toast topped with almond 

butter, chopped strawberries and sprinkled with

chocolate chips


Avocado on Toast £6.25

2 slices of sourdough toast topped with smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes and garnished with rocket.

+ feta £1.00

+ streaky bacon £1.00


We will rotate sandwiches available on a daily basis, as illustrated below. If you require anything else please just let us know when you call us and we will be able to advise if we can offer anything else at that time which will be dependant on the availability at that time.

All sandwiches made on the day and wrapped individually, and now we have the ability to toast these for you if you'd like.



M&B Club  £5.50

toasted white bread with mayo, tomatoes, rocket,  chicken, 

hot bacon, cheese and a buttered extra slice of toast in the middle

1. Chicken, brie & chilli jam £4.50

on granary bread with butter and lettuce

2. Cheese Ploughmans (VEGETARIAN) £4.50 

Cheddar with salad, chutney and sliced crisp apple

3. Avocado salad (VEGAN) £4.50

Creamy avocado with chopped salad and tomato chutney


M&B Club  £5.50 (as above)

1. BRAT £4.50

bacon, rocket, avocado and tomato served on sourdough

2. Mozzarella, vegetarian pesto & tomato (VEGETARIAN) £4.50 

served on focaccia

3. Vegan Cheese Ploughman's (VEGAN) £4.50

Vegan cheese with salad, chutney and sliced crisp apple


M&B Club  £5.50 (as above)

1. Bacon & Brie £4.50

with onion chutney served on granary bloomer

2. Cheese & Slaw sandwich (VEGETARIAN) £4.50 

Cheddar with a homemade slaw and lettuce, crisp and fresh

3. Hummus & Veggie (VEGAN) £4.50

Hummus, carrot, chilli jam and rocket


M&B Club  £5.50 (as above)

1. Chicken & Avocado £4.50

with mayonnaise, cucumber and rocket on granary

2. Ham & Cheese £4.50 

with mustard mayo and watercress on white

3. Falafel Rainbow wrap (VEGAN) £4.50

with hummus, avocado, mango, rocket, carrot & sweet chilli sauce


M&B Club  £5.50

toasted white bread with mayo, tomatoes, rocket,  chicken, 

hot bacon, cheese and a buttered extra slice of toast in the middle

1. Chicken & Bacon £4.50

with mayo, sweet chilli and rocket served on granary


2. Brie & Avo (VEGETARIAN) £4.50 

with onion chutney on granary

3. Avocado & Cous cous salad wrap (VEGAN) £4.50

with hummus and slaw



We have a selection of 3 salads daily, and offer 2 sizes:

Small  £4.00

Regular  £6.00

All salads are dressed, and are vegan, but we can add meat, cheese or nuts to it for you. Call us and ask for today's selection. Either size can be a combination of all available. All served with a tortilla.

On the Counter 


We have a selection of cakes available each day, call us or pop in to choose.

We also offer cream tea boxes for £5pp including fruit/plain scone, portion of cream, mini jam pot, fresh strawberries, a teabag of your choice and a cold drink from the fridge.

In our fridge we also have a selection of individual soups from tideford organics and the most amazing yoghurts from The Collective Dairy. Pop in or call us to find out more.


In our freezer we have the wonderful Jude's ice cream, with individual pots and lollies and larger family tubs too.

Milk lollies £1.00


Rocket lollies £1.20

Made from 100% fruit and veg

Mini tubs £2.00

Vanilla/Strawberry/Salted Caramel/Caramel & Pecan/

Black Coconut/ Vegan Chocolate/Mango Sorbet

Larger tubs £4.75

Vegan Brownie/


served in set sizes for optimum flavour


Espresso £2.00

Macchiato £2.20


Americano (short) £2.20

Americano (long) £2.40

Cortado £2.40


Flat White £2.50

Latte £2.80


Cappuccino £2.80

Mocha £2.90

Tea (teapigs) all £2.00


Everyday Brew


Decaf (Clipper) 


Darjeeling Earl Grey 


Mao Feng Green Tea 




Rhubarb & Ginger

Lemon & Ginger

Spiced Winter


Chai Tea Latte   £2.80



*Babycino (for our younger customers) £1.00


Hot Chocolate £2.80

(with or without cream and marshmallows) + 20p

Cold drinks 


Made for you:

Iced Coffee £2.80 (add flavour shot +30p)

Iced Tea £2.80 (Everyday+Lemon/Super-fruit/Earl Grey/Green)

Raspberry Heaven Smoothie £3.00

Super Green Smoothie £3.20

Pineapple, Mango & Papaya Smoothie £3.00

Acai Kick Smoothie £3.20


From the Fridge:

Cawston Apple & Pear Juice (kids blend) £1.20

Cawston Apple & Mango (kids blend) £1.20


Frobishers Apple Juice £1.75

Frobishers Orange Juice £1.75


Coca-Cola (in traditional glass bottle) £1.95

Coke Zero/Diet Coke (in traditional glass bottle) £1.95


Cawston Elderflower Lemonade £1.75

Cawston Sparkling Rhubarb £1.75

Cawston Sparkling Apple £1.75

CanO Still Water £1.75

CanO Sparkling Water £1.75