As already highlighted we want to strive to provide top quality food and drink, and so we have partnered with great suppliers in order to bring you great taste and therefore great value for money.
Cake: Of course, Love Cake Bakery supplies all of our cake items, which means we are tasting the freshly baked fruits of their labour! With an ever-changing selection of new and classic recipes we are sure you wont be dissapointed! And in our bid to help the environment, there are 0 emissions in delivery!!!
Coffee: We exclusively stock MONMOUTH coffee espresso blend and a decaffinated version. Monmouth do direct trade with coffee farmers ensuring a better price for the farmer than a 'fairtrade' price. This encourages higher quality of bean, processing and then is roasted at their roastery in London. We also stock smaller retail packs of beans for you to enjoy at home.
Tea: We are proud to stock teapigs tea. Our selection of flavours is constantly growing though, so pop in soon and sample our 'tea of the week'. Again tea-pigs sources it's tea from high welfare farms, and also contributes money from each 'everyday brew' sale to a project they fund in Rwanda.
Fresh Produce: We stock all of our fresh produce from Bellord and Brown, who source from the south coast as far as is possible. This ensures our local farmers are supported and that you are tasting the freshness in every dish. 
Bread: Our bread is fresh every day, and is absolutely delicious. Happy Toast supply all of our bread and we are big fans of this artisan bakery based in Hedge End....The sourdough is incredible!
We also are proud to stock the beautiful KeepCup reusable barista standard coffee cups available in store now. They come in a range of sizes, still and colours and are wonderful. KeepCup's mission is:  "To encourage the use of reusable cups.  We do this by delivering sustainably made products that are fit for purpose in the context of a positive global campaign that strives to make a difference to how we think about convenience culture. We want to create a global brand and to be one of the organisations that kick started the demise of the disposable."
We are a local business serving speciality coffee from MONMOUTH roastery and we get our amazing tea from teapigs company. We believe in offering simple, fresh and tasty food, and we even offer some healthy options. Unfortuantely these healthy options don't include our gorgeous selection of fresh and flavoursome cakes prepared for us daily by our sister company Love Cake Bakery.
Along with all the great food and drink is the crafts...we offer decopatch crafts on a daily basis, with no need to book this is a great activity for all ages to enjoy over a babycino or cup of tea. Once we are slightly more established we are looking to partner with local arty and crafty people to hold creative workshops too, so watch this space!
We are a small family business, we started in November 2012 when we opened Love Cake Bakery a few doors down from the café. Since then we have grown the team and enjoyed serving and getting to know our local community. When the opportunity arose to take on this new venture, it was a daunting prospect but we were hugely encouraged by the support of our friends, family, neighbours and the community and we are so thankful for this support.
Kirsty (married to Tom) co-manages the café with good friend Kathy. We have a clear priority through this café that it would be an asset to the local area, and we seek to do this by working hard to serve good quality food and drink, value our staff by paying fair wages, and we will be using our experience in youth work, to provide work experience placements to young people who may otherwise struggle to gain this experience and employment. 
We have a heart to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere at the café and feel this has already been achieved in the short time we have been open, and hope this will continue. We look forward to welcoming you soon.